Workers Compensation

The workers' compensation system was created to provide medical care, rehabilitation services and replacement income for workers who were injured on the job.

Workers' Compensation Lawyers In Anderson, South Carolina

However, the claims system is complex and can often become frustrating to those with little experience working through the process. Without the help of an experienced attorney, you may not be seeking all of the medical care, services and benefits you need to recover as fully as possible.

Logan & Jolly, L.L.P. has successfully represented many injured workers in South Carolina. We understand the workers' compensation system and how to help injured workers pursue the care, services and benefits they deserve.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights

If you have been injured on the job, you should seek medical care as soon as possible and report the injury to your employer. You should also talk with an experienced workers' compensation attorney about your unique circumstances. Logan & Jolly, L.L.P. will review your case and help you get a second medical opinion if necessary.

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Utilizing All Avenues For Full And Fair Compensation

Was your job injury caused by the negligence of a contractor or other party not employed by your company? If so, you may have a third-party claim and could be able to obtain compensation for your pain, suffering and non-economic losses in addition to workers' compensation benefits.

Logan & Jolly, L.L.P. can handle both claims for you — working to maximize the compensation you receive from all sources.

Answers to some common questions concerning workers' compensation can be found on our Workers' Compensation FAQ page. Call 888-337-0955 toll free for more information.

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